We know finding the right snack that fits within your day is hard, instead of grabbing a bag of your favourite crisps or even a bite of that high calorific chocolate bar at lunch, you can still satisfy those cravings with a STAXX bar! We want to fuel a healthier you, so you can be your best every day!

At STAXX HQ we feel you should have healthy options where ever you are, in your local shop, online, the gym and favourite retailers. So that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Introducing STAXX chocolate bar jam packed with 20g of protein, low in sugar, low net carb content and high in fibre. Plus, with a soft gooey centre, decadent chocolate layer and protein crispy topping it’s a treat without the guilt. We will also be bringing you health tips & tricks for are resident experts to help fuel you mind and well as your body on the way to a healthier you.

Available in four delicious flavours chocolate caramel, cookies & cream, peanut & caramel and dark chocolate mint.


If you want us to come and visit you at your gym, university, local club or event! Please do drop us a email at hello@staxxbar.com