Benefits of Protein by Rowena Wood!

Hi guys Rolo here, in this article I will be talking about the benefits of protein , the myths behind the protein and the reasons why I would recommend protein to everyone. A balanced diet requires adequate water intake as well as the consumption of food, in varying amounts of five nutrient groups. These are divided into macronutrients and micronutrients.

So what are macronutrients and micronutrients ?

Macronutrients are needed in greater quantities as they are used or the body structure , function and fuel. These are Protein , fat (lipids) , & carbohydrate.

Micronutrients are needed in smaller amounts , they are also used for the body structure & function as they are necessary to ‘unlock’ the energy contained with in macronutrients, they also support and manage vital physiological processes with in the body. These can be found in the form of vitamins & minerals.

So now we have that covered lets talk protein

What are the benefits of protein? What is it? & what does it do?

Protein blocks are the building blocks of life, the body needs protein to repair and maintain itself. Protein is needed in the diet to help the body repair cells and make new ones. Protein helps you to build muscle & it can help you to lose weight , although protein wont magically melt away the fat tissues it does help to keep you fuller for longer, therefore avoiding over eating or unhealthy snacking during the day. Not only does protein offer the above benefits but there is more so many more! It ensures lower blood sugar levels, helping to protect your body against diabetes type 2, protein is needed to build the neurotransmitters without these our brain cant function correctly. The list goes on.

As a woman who takes protein I have many questions asked to me on a daily basis with the top question being asked:

Will protein make me manly/bulky?

So many women fear by taking protein shakes and protein snacks they will start to look like the incredible hulk and turn green, this simply couldn’t be further from the truth, however if you are looking to tone up and or perhaps lose weight I couldn’t recommend it enough! Protein does not make women look manly, women simply don’t have the testosterone to put on muscle mass very easily, in fact it can take several months for most women to gain muscle while adhering to a strength training programme and a strict diet. So ladies please keep enjoying your protein products helping to keep you fuller for longer while maintaining your lean muscle tissue combined with a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and a well designed exercise program, this will help you to perform your very best.

Do women need to take as much protein as men?

Absolutely! Male or female the more active you are the more protein you will need. Heres how to calculate your personal protein needs,

  1. Convert you weight in pounds into kilos by dividing by 2.2
  2. Multiply your weight in kilos by a figure that relates to your activity levels
  3. For a baseline active lifestyle multiply your weight by 0.8
  4. For a moderate active lifestyle (more then 30mins a day 3-5 times a week ) multiply weight by 1.0
  5. For high intensity daily exercise multiply your weight by 1.3 to 1,5

The number you calculate is the amount of grams of protein you will need per day.

Rolo should you only eat protein to build lean muscle and reach acquired weight-loss?

No way girls & guys!  A healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates & fat are all important for building muscle fuelling your work outs and reaching optimal weight. All of these go hand in hand I would never recommend cutting carbohydrate from a diet, carbohydrate provide immediate energy to expend on a hard work out and fats help to regulate changing hormone levels and slow digestion giving you more lasting energy than carbs alone.

Is protein dangerous for kids?

Once children are out of the infancy stage they are rapidly growing and developing new muscle tissue. They actually need more protein at this time in their life because their metabolism is firing faster now then when they are older. I try to feed my children a varied diet and instead of giving them chocolate snacks I use the Yumm protein snacks to help aid my children in growing up to be strong and healthy like their mum.

Will protein make me fat?

Protein will not make you put on weight but it is important to choose protein intake wisely, a high protein diet will help maintain a toned body and will help to keep you fuller for longer (with out excess calories)  I personally love and recommend a STAXX bar , its low in fat, sugar and carbs with 20grams of protein per serving!